Because the American medical system is actually a disconnected collection of medical businesses, elderly and disabled populations are routinely put at unnecessary risk. With patients often facing complex, interrelated medical issues and seeing multiple providers, these businesses rarely coordinate their efforts to provide the very best quality of care for their patients.

Umbrella Care Management acts as the portal through which all of a patient’s medical issues and social needs pass. Rather than viewing a patient’s situation as independent pieces, Umbrella’s nationally certified case managers — registered nurses and licensed social workers — use a concept known as patient-centered care. Using this model, we evaluate the patient’s “whole picture,” create a comprehensive plan to address interrelated problems, and coordinate services to ensure the best possible outcome and quality of life.

Our services are tailored to meet your precise needs; they range from ad hoc consultation services all the way to comprehensive, intensive case management. As a testament to our professionalism, credibility, and overall effectiveness at improving clients’ quality of life, Umbrella Care Management is the exclusive case management consultant for the MS Society of America in Orange and Sullivan Counties in New York.

care management servicesWe provide an array of care management services covering all aspects of senior and disabled adults’ well being; to provide an all-inclusive list would be impracticable. However, some of our popular care management services include:

Care Planning

  • Comprehensive patient assessments
  • PRI and SCREEN Assessments
  • Long-term care and housing planning
  • Medicare and Medicaid consultation
  • End of life counseling and hospice planning
  • Home safety evaluations

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Advocacy and Support

  • Patient Advocacy—ask doctors tough questions and fight for the best care
  • Ongoing management and oversight of care
  • “Age in place” solutions
  • Schedule and accompany patients to appointments and accurately relay information
  • Liaison service for families at a distance or otherwise unavailable
  • Mediate family disagreements regarding care options

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Care Coordination

  • Care transition coordination
  • Coordinate services with other members of the health care team
  • Locate and coordinate community resources
  • Coordination and supervision of in-home care and companion services
  • Quality assurance monitoring at acute and long-term care facilities
  • Regional network of financial experts
  • National referral network

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